In need of a tutorial

2007-09-25 11:20:25 by supercomputer276

The main problem I seem to be having with my WarioWare game is that I have no idea how to make collisions work. I used to make EXE games with Game Maker and it handled all the collision stuff automatically, so I'm lost. I need a tutorial that will show me how to make collisions work in Flash 8 so I can make my game. Also, one of the games is the standard mouse maze and I kinda need a tutorial for that as well. Post any relevent links you can find in the comments to this news post.

If you read all that and think "OMG THOSE ARE THE EASIEST THINGS TO DO IN FLASH GAMES HE'S A TOTAL N00B WITH NO SKILLZ" then I'm glad we haven't met in person because odds are I'd cave your face in. I don't need your comments if you're not going to actually help.


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2007-09-25 12:30:39

try the tutorial collection

supercomputer276 responds:

That was the FIRST place I went to. If I could find what I'm looking for there, I wouldn't have made this news post. Basically, I'm asking someone to make a tutorial for what I need to know because I can't find one in that collection.


2007-09-25 15:03:51

supercomputer276 responds:

That doesn't really help all that much, especially since I don't usually go to the BBS...


2007-09-25 16:27:13

Well, if you want to learn animate you can check youtube videos, there are tons. Sorry.


2007-09-25 16:56:14

Look for one called OMG! FLASH TUTORIAL


2007-09-25 17:44:39

Gamemaker is just... ripoff wannabe.. you can't make anything worthy of anything with that crap. It doesn't count as a game making tool. Not in my book anyways.
Also hittest. That's all you really need to know. AS is NOT THAT FUCKING HARD GET OVER YOURSELF AARG..

Google search ActionScript 2 hitTest tutorial or something like that. If not, should have something there.

It takes time too. You're not going to get it in one day.


2007-09-25 19:36:36

well how a about this? 93660
thats the best i can think of.